The Top 5 Fantasy Movies of All Time

Now, you can watch high quality television like never before, and with that in mind, DVD’s are being purchased all over to be watched on their respective tv, and many of them are much older movies being watched by an audience wanting to see what their favorite fantasy movies are like in a quality never experienced before.

As fun as it may be to go on about the power of HD, this is about the greatest fantasy movies of all time, and why they would be perfect viewing in HD. To start things off, what could be more fitting than King Kong? Debuting in 1933, it was the Jurassic Park of it’s generation, of course the DVD version leaves nothing in the hearts of King Kong fanatics! Being in HD now, one of the greatest movies and remakes of all time can only be better.

Next on the list is Jason and the Argonauts. This movie introduced so many incredible fantasy characters to the world and a lot of them are still being used today. Who could ever forget those Hydras and Harpies? They still leave chills! You can’t have a fantasy-based movie list without Lord of the Rings. This movie redefined this movie genre for the next generation. There are so many words to explain how great it was that it makes it impossible to convey. As expected, both movies listed gain an extra punch in high-definition.

Harry Potter is in the same neighborhood as Lord of the Rings in what it did to pop culture. It may not be all that historic, but it’s effects in the next few decades will always be remembered. While this next one was tough to cut out of the list, it has to get an honorable mention. Of course, that one being Star Wars. The only reason it goes off is that the movies that explained the childhood of Darth Vader just didn’t ring well with many.

Last, but not least is one of the most historic fantasy movies ever known. The Wizard of Oz is that movie that every person grew up seeing in their childhood. It doesn’t matter when you were born, if you were a child, you saw that movie, and guess what? You liked it! It didn’t have the greatest amount of action, but taking place back then, how could it? Needless to say, when watching it on your TV dvd player, the popularity still remained as great as ever. Sometimes the old and simple things can still provide the quality a fantasy audience looks for, even after many decades.

Watch Free Movies Online and Explore Various Genres

Most people love to watch comedy, horror, action, adventure, or drama movies. These categories do well at the box office and in terms of DVD sales. There also happen to films that belong to other genres. If you ever watch free movies online, you may want to give them a try.

Classic Movies. The mid-20th century is also known as the Golden Age of Hollywood, which produced quite a number of films considered to be defining moments in cinematic history. Stars such as Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, Joan Crawford, Audrey Hepburn and directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles are just some of the legends of the cinema who dominated this era.

Biographical Movies. These movies tell the life story of real people such as entertainers, heroes, monarchs, scientists, philanthropists, etc. They do not purport to reveal every single detail of a person’s life but rather center upon a predominant theme and important highlights. Biographies are sometimes dramatized and feature reenactment scenes to further illuminate the personality life of that person. They also touch upon the various historical and social realities at the time.

Family Movies. These films focus on a wider audience, i.e. families. The scenes, themes and dialogue presented in family-oriented movies are generally wholesome and either rated PG (Parental Guidance) or G (General Audience) so as not to leave any negative influence on the children who are watching. Oftentimes, these movies impart moral lessons such as the importance of listening to your parents, the joy of being with your family, and the fact that no matter what happens to you, your family will never leave you. They also tackle family problems that the characters will need to resolve themselves in order to live happily ever after.

Fantasy Movies. These films create a sort of escape for viewers. Fantasy movies often deal with magic and the supernatural and are often filled with wonderful creatures like dwarves, fairies, leprechauns, elves, wizards, etc. They always have some element of drama and purport to teach lessons about life, love and sacrifice to heighten the plot.

Animated Films. These films appeal to children and the young-at-heart but can also be targeted at more mature audiences. Animated films are made with advanced graphics and CGI effects and feature fictitious characters dubbed by real persons, mostly famous actors. A lot of animated films are based on fairy tales and characters in comics; some go so far as to parody classic fairy tales or even retell them from a revisionist point of view. Today, you can find a lot animated films when you watch free movies online.

Dragon Rings and Fantasy Apparel – Picking the Right Site

The 80’s were full of them and ever since Lord of the Rings fantasy movies have made a huge comeback. The inner geek in most of us is now accepted or at the very least tolerated. Now I’m not including the people who make lightsaber videos and get carried away but there are quite a few fantasy enthusiasts that look online after being inspired by a book or movie. They search for information on the age of a dragon, were Unicorns real and what not. You have the overachievers trying to buy swords and shields.

I’ll admit I’ve looked into buying a sword or two. Then I realized it probably wasn’t the best idea to be swinging a sword around the living room. Had I went through with buying one I probably wouldn’t be able to write this article today. Some major accident involving the sword and the sofa would have resulted in an ER visit and some good laughs. Anyway the average fantasy lover will typically look for something tangible but reasonable. Marking off the crossbows and catapults most people think of jewelry. A trinket that can be worn with limited danger haha. Mostly searching for unicorn earrings, fairy pendants, and yes even the great dragon ring.

This is where I decided to do some research by looking to see what the internet had to offer on these products. Stores close by often time won’t have fantasy apparel of any kind. I found that when I typed in there were an overloaded amount of results. Now here’s where the red flags start. First off the majority of these sites are simply putting duplicate descriptions down for the same products. Some brief manufacturer summary that was copy and pasted. I find it funny they even COPY THE TITLE! If the site you’re thinking of buying from doesn’t at least take the time to provide you with their opinion and review on an item they’re selling you should probably move on.

Once you get to the sites that start to put down original descriptions take time to become informed on what it is you’re buying. People really like 18k gold and sterling silver jewelry but have no idea why they are getting these other than they are pretty. Different metals have different needs. I’m not saying you need to be an expert on the subject but if you’re going to buy something above average in price ($100.00 or more) shouldn’t you know how maintain it? If you’re looking for something less expensive do you have skin irritation from certain jewelry? Stainless steel is well known for being hypoallergenic. This is a little off topic but nice information to have when making your purchase.

OK, you’ve narrowed down a few sites that offer original product reviews. If you’re buying directly from this site what are their return policies? Are they well known and trust worthy? Anyone can open up a site and start drop shipping away. Not to say there is anything wrong with that approach but how are their customer reviews? Is there an overall satisfying feeling when navigating through their site?

Those tips are mainly for any potential jewelry buyer. Remember that we are focusing more on fantasy apparel. You might be looking to buy a dragon ring or elf ears to put on and upset your wife. Either way most of the guidelines above still apply. How does the site look? Is there a hint that this website is focused on medieval and fantasy products? I would like to think the person that I’m buying from shares my passion. There better be a dragon, knight, or something somewhere on the site lol. Hopefully this article has given you some things to consider when looking for Unicorn bracelets, Hobbit feet shoes, and other crazily wonderful things to enjoy. Happy shopping!

Movie Review For the Forbidden Kingdom

This is a magical fantasy movie starring Hong Kong Kung fu Legends Jackie Chan, and Jet Li in their first collaboration. Jackie Chan (Police story, Drunken Master, The Myth) plays Old Hop in the real world and Lu Yan in the fantasy Forbidden Kingdom, while Jet Li (Romeo must die, Hero) plays The Monkey King, and also stars as The Silent Monk.

The story surrounds Jason Tripitikas played by Michael Angarano (24, Will and Grace) being bullied by a gang, and his love of Kung fu movies, which he rents from an elderly Old Hop (Jackie Chang), during one particular night, Old Hop is robbed, and in the event of trying to protect Old Hop, he gets hold of an old staff, which transports him into the realm of the magical Forbidden Kingdom, where an evil Jade Warlord played by well known Kung fu Star Collin Chou. The Jade Warlord has taken over the Forbidden Kingdom while the King of Heaven is away.

This magical kingdom has a select number of Immortals, who cannot be killed except by a jade poison dart. It turns out that there was an immortal a Monkey King (also played by Jet Li), who had been challenged to a duel by the evil Jade Warlord, who was growing increasingly bitter over the favouritism shown to the Monkey King by the King of Heaven, as the King of Heaven left the Forbidden Kingdom into the hands of the Jade Warlord until his return, the Jade Warlord saw the opportunity to end the Monkey King once and for all, by attempting to kill him during the duel, just in time before he is killed the Monkey King freezes into stone, and sends out his magical staff out of the Forbidden Kingdom, and a prophecy was born that one will come that will return the Monkey King’s staff to the rightful owner.

Our young protagonist suddenly finds himself in the Forbidden Kingdom, where he, Lu Yan, his associate Golden Sparrow played by the lovely Yifei Liu and a monk known as The Silent Monk (also played by Jet Li) have to get the staff to the Monkey King, however he is still immortalised in stone, in the lair of the Jade King.

The cinematography gives the impression of being in a fantasy world, where everything is possible.

It has some classic funny moments, especially where Lu Yan is trying to summon rain while the stern faced Silent Monk makes a mockery of his attempt.

This is a great action movie with fantastic comedy moments, and the fans are no doubt clamouring for a sequel.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: A Revolution in Fantasy Movies

A bearded man named professor Dumbledore with his cat comes in the middle of the night. He turns all the street lams off. The cat then turns into Ms. McGonigle. Both professors are then met by by another bearded man, Rubeus. They leave a baby on a doorstep named Harry Potter. They know that he would be too famous in their land. In hopes of letting him have a normal childhood he is temporarily left behind.

Sadly, he is given to his aunt and uncle who looks at him as a third wheel. He brings them breakfast. A younger child is upset that he only got thirty six presents and is taken out to find more presents. One day a letter is made out to Harry. His father refuses to let him read it. The next day there are a bunch of letters delivered by owls. They decide to move. On his eleventh birthday, Rubeus visits him and tells him that Harry is really a Wizard. He then prepares him for wizard school at Hogwarts by taking him to an underground market. There he learns that he is famous. He goes to the bank and makes a withdrawal and finds that his parents left him a lot of money. He then buys his phoenix wand. One just like it was used by Voldemort to give him the z shaped scar on his forehead, which is why he is famous. He is the only one who survived what Voldemort did in the past. He also gets a white owl as a pet.

He rides the train to Hogwarts and makes friends with a redheaded boy, Ronald and a girl, Hermonie. All three are put on the team Griffindor. They learn to ride brooms, make spells, and use magic wands. At one point, a troll runs around in Hogwarts, but Harry and Ron save the day.

For Christmas, Harry is given his father’s invisibility cloak. He and Ron use it to go to the restricted section in the library to look up a name. It is a person who has information about a secret that some dogs are guarding. Another professor is trying to steal it. In order to find out what the professor is after, he must find this person. They find out that he is the only maker of the sorcerer’s stone, which is what the dogs are guarding. However, Rubeus accidentally tells Voldemort that to put the dog to sleep, play it a song. They go to check on the stone and there is a harp playing. The stone is gone. Now it is up to them to get it back. Will they defeat Voldemort or will they be among the countless others who are defeated? Watch and find out.

Action Movies – Thrill And Adventure Unlimited

Movies are one of the most invigorating and magnificent sources of entertainment. Cinema is a great means to experience the larger than life grandeur and unimaginable moments which we can seldom feel in our real lives. Whenever one gets bored then the movies are the best companion. It’s the finest method to amuse and entertain oneself with sheer delight. The young and the old, everybody is enticed by the movies. The films come in various genres catering to different tastes of the audiences. You would find mellowed and heart touching romantic stories, interesting science fiction, super natural fantasy movies and wonderful movies with social relevance. Everyone watches the movies that match their interest and preferences. While teenagers love romantic movies they also admire the high spirited and thriller packed action movies. The Action Movies are full of adventure and extravaganza. The best part of these movies is that they have wonderful & awe-inspiring moments that give spine-chilling experience to the users. There are various characters like Spiderman, Men-in-Black etc who have entertained the viewers with high adrenaline action.

The youths specially admire the thrilling movies with amazing stunts and thrilling actions. If you feel bored by watching the same run on the mill stories that are overloaded with melodrama and the voluptuous characters that seem to be weary and lackluster, then try watching the awesome action packed thriller movies. The adventurous young generation love to watch the movies that have high speed action with amazing stunts and fight sequences that have loads of action and thrill.

There have been a number of illustrative movies that have won great accolades and immense commends by both the critics and the viewers. The Matrix is one such movie that has depicted the wonderful fight sequences in an exceptionally unique manner. This movie has wonderful characters and amazing style which has been lately copied in a number of movies and tele-series later across the world. The movie has won many awards and recognitions world wide. It has also grabbed the prestigious Academy award for the best sound, best editing, and best visual effects. This movie showcased wonderful plots and awesome scenes that have become ageless marvels for the cinema.

Another action packed film that received more than ten academy award nominations and grabbed seven out of them is the Lawrence of Arabia. It got awards for the best film, best music and best director etc. David Leans directed this awesome movie that had superb drama sequences packed with action, scintillating cast and wonderful story line. The film had some of the finest performances of cinema with the breathtaking plots and mesmerizing scenes. The story of a British lieutenant really touched hearts of the viewers.

The Star Wars Trilogy is another magnificent film that has been immensely successful. It had some awe-inspiring moments filled with great special effects and wonderful graphics. The movie was extremely wonderful and won many recognitions and rewards worldwide. The movie has wonderful characters like Captain Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and princess Leia.

Another movie that is considered as one of the most popular Action Movies is The Lord of the Rings. This movie showcases the adventures and perils of the unrealistic world where amazing characters and dangerous situations create moments of awe and shock. The film has some of the best performances and astounding star cast. Created with a whopping $ 280 million budget, this movie is a fantastic work of art. The movie lovers consider this film as the most awe-inspiring and scintillating films of all times.

The films which are based on the backdrop of the New York City include Morning Glory, The French Connection, Falling in Love etc. These movies also depict great action sequences. The 300 is an impeccable piece of work in terms of wonderful action and astounding special effects. This film is really worth watching time and again. It is based in the much popular novel by Frank Miller.

Users can easily find the latest action movies on the various online portals at amazing costs.