Coraline Movie Merchandise From the Neil Gaiman Film Adaptation

A whole new batch of fans have been introduced to the work of Neil Gaiman through the movie adaptation of his Coraline novel. The film has proven to be a big hit with children and adults as well as long-time fans of the original Coraline book, and now the hunt is on for official Coraline movie merchandise. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for Coraline fans around the world!

The main character of Coraline Jones herself is available online and in shops as a collection of three poseable action figures. Sure to enchant any fan of the brilliant animated film, Coraline has been made available in three costumes from the movie, including her pyjamas, her overcoat and her everyday outfit. The figures are bendy and poseable and come with a display stand to help Coraline stand upright in any pose you want to put her in! These ideal examples of Coraline movie merchandise come made with an array of different facial expressions to choose from, so you are able to pick your favourite outfit and facial expression as you begin your Coraline merchandise collection.

Need more Coraline movie merchandise? A trio of Coraline figure triple packs have also been released. Each one includes three miniature collectibles based on characters from the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s original Coraline story. Created by Reel Toys and NECA, these superb mini figures are beautifully painted and sculpted, perfectly recreating the nature of the characters they are taken from.

Each of these three triple packs of mini Coraline figures contain a different version of Coraline Jones with the sarcastic cat. Other faces from the film consist of the Other Mother, Mr Bobinsky, the trio of Ghost Children and Wybie. While these mini figures aren’t articulated, they are great items for fans of the film to enjoy and display.

However, there are also some marvellous Coraline posters on the market for fans who want to decorate your walls with cool pictures from the Coraline film itself. Two designs that are available are the teaser image and the Ghost Children poster. The posters perfectly capture the feel and ambience of Coraline and its amazing animation.

For more printed Coraline stuff, there’s also a movie version of the original story by Neil Gaiman, featuring art from the movie version. Another great title is the Coraline Movie Visual Companion, which covers the huge task of assembling the film into the finished product. Then there’s the Coraline video game and the movie soundtrack CD to the movie too! There really is something for every fan of this fantastic animated fantasy movie. Love Coraline? Seek out the Coraline movie merchandise for yourself!