Do You Want to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy Books?

Many have been drawn toward the brilliant world of science fiction and fantasy writing, and have asked the question: should they even attempt to write books as complex as fantasy and science fiction? Portals spilling the unexpected into new worlds, realms, mutants and half-breed are all part of the fun character you would create. If you are tuned on by stretching your imagination beyond the pop-zone, and want to explore endless configurations of humanoids and downright nasty flesh-eating monsters, then read on.

The starting line for any great stride in career changes, or to add to an existing one is to know thy self. What has kept you up all night-for all your life? What is that thing you yearn to do that you have not done yet? A powerful imagination is not a fleeing moment but a lifelong proposition. It’s stuck inside of you and must be released. In a positive way, please.

Most fantasy and science fiction writers literally see into those realms before they create them, and no, they are not demon possessed. They are the stuff that great movies like Avatar and Ironman were made from. And let’s not forget the Matrix. Can you see yourself in any of these creations?

To locate where you are on the science fiction fantasy map, test your desire to write on these topics by answering this brief questionnaire. At the end, you will know, and then you’ll know how to act on the results.

1) As a child, did you make your own wacked-out cards even when you didn’t have to?
2) Are you a day dreamer–never alone because of your imagination?
3) Do you watch science fiction and fantasy movies and then create your own endings?
4) Can you see fairytale lands and portals inside your head?
5) Do you love reading about dark characters and twisted plots?
6) Do you like putting sentences together? Don’t consider your grammar at this point.
7) Are you a member of a science fiction and fantasy book club?
8) Do you have notes on what you believe would make a good alien or fantasy book?
9) Have you started your first science fiction or fantasy novel and then stuffed in a drawer?
10) Is a futuristic scene you dreamt about holding you captive. can’t forget?
11) Does your imagination run wild often and you want to write it all down?
12) Would you like to create supernatural/paranormal characters?

That concludes this brief test. You be your own judge. If you answered “yes” to 7 or more, you might need to think about ways to start your science fiction and fantasy writing career. Connect with those who can show you how.