Dragon Fantasy Books

Fantasy is often described as a genre that uses a mix of magic and supernatural forms or other elements of creative imagination as the main feature or setting for books, games, movies etc. This genre is commonly associated with the elements of Middle Age European style looks, themes such as architecture, clothes and technology. The events in a fantasy movie occur mostly on distant planets where magic reigns supreme.

Fantasy based entertainment is made up of compositions from numerous writers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians. However, the one of the most preferred mediums to distribute fantasy-based stories is through ‘fantasy literature’. Most of the television shows, movies and other series have been based on some or the other fantasy related books.

Perhaps the most revered and dreaded creature in almost all the fantasy books is the ‘Dragon’. It is a mythical creature that has been featured in myths, legends and folklores from all around the world. A dragon is a gigantic serpent like creature with magical qualities. Dragons are considered to be imaginary manifestations of human beings’ fears of snakes, birds of prey, as well as teeth, claws and size. There have been numerous speculations in the scientific arena about the origin of Dragons. Some of these speculations state that dragons may be a real-life counterpart of dinosaurs or archosaurs.

In the fantasy world, a Dragon is a living, fire-breathing monster that stands for destruction and also is used as a weapon of mass destruction by evil wizards and kings. In other tales, it stands for the good and the righteous and is also supposed to be God’s warrior defending the true believers.

For ages, the dragons have captivated the imagination and created fear in the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. Yet its massive persona has been the focal point for just about every fictional book written that might be related to the middle stages.