Dragon Rings and Fantasy Apparel – Picking the Right Site

The 80’s were full of them and ever since Lord of the Rings fantasy movies have made a huge comeback. The inner geek in most of us is now accepted or at the very least tolerated. Now I’m not including the people who make lightsaber videos and get carried away but there are quite a few fantasy enthusiasts that look online after being inspired by a book or movie. They search for information on the age of a dragon, were Unicorns real and what not. You have the overachievers trying to buy swords and shields.

I’ll admit I’ve looked into buying a sword or two. Then I realized it probably wasn’t the best idea to be swinging a sword around the living room. Had I went through with buying one I probably wouldn’t be able to write this article today. Some major accident involving the sword and the sofa would have resulted in an ER visit and some good laughs. Anyway the average fantasy lover will typically look for something tangible but reasonable. Marking off the crossbows and catapults most people think of jewelry. A trinket that can be worn with limited danger haha. Mostly searching for unicorn earrings, fairy pendants, and yes even the great dragon ring.

This is where I decided to do some research by looking to see what the internet had to offer on these products. Stores close by often time won’t have fantasy apparel of any kind. I found that when I typed in there were an overloaded amount of results. Now here’s where the red flags start. First off the majority of these sites are simply putting duplicate descriptions down for the same products. Some brief manufacturer summary that was copy and pasted. I find it funny they even COPY THE TITLE! If the site you’re thinking of buying from doesn’t at least take the time to provide you with their opinion and review on an item they’re selling you should probably move on.

Once you get to the sites that start to put down original descriptions take time to become informed on what it is you’re buying. People really like 18k gold and sterling silver jewelry but have no idea why they are getting these other than they are pretty. Different metals have different needs. I’m not saying you need to be an expert on the subject but if you’re going to buy something above average in price ($100.00 or more) shouldn’t you know how maintain it? If you’re looking for something less expensive do you have skin irritation from certain jewelry? Stainless steel is well known for being hypoallergenic. This is a little off topic but nice information to have when making your purchase.

OK, you’ve narrowed down a few sites that offer original product reviews. If you’re buying directly from this site what are their return policies? Are they well known and trust worthy? Anyone can open up a site and start drop shipping away. Not to say there is anything wrong with that approach but how are their customer reviews? Is there an overall satisfying feeling when navigating through their site?

Those tips are mainly for any potential jewelry buyer. Remember that we are focusing more on fantasy apparel. You might be looking to buy a dragon ring or elf ears to put on and upset your wife. Either way most of the guidelines above still apply. How does the site look? Is there a hint that this website is focused on medieval and fantasy products? I would like to think the person that I’m buying from shares my passion. There better be a dragon, knight, or something somewhere on the site lol. Hopefully this article has given you some things to consider when looking for Unicorn bracelets, Hobbit feet shoes, and other crazily wonderful things to enjoy. Happy shopping!