“Eragon” – A Movie of No Dynamic Proportions

I had just received the movie “Eragon” for Christmas. So, I thought it would be a good time to pop it into my handy dandy DVD player. It is very hard for me to not either hate a movie, or love it. Well, that happened with this film. There were things I loved about it and things I didn’t like about it. If there is one thing I can really say nice about it, is the locations. Those mountains and lakes really made you believe that you were in a whole different world. Another words the location scout deserves a bonus.

The acting in the film was fair. I think the best actor in the whole thing was Jeremy Irons. He brought a powerful intensity to his role that made you believe it…..as far as all the other actors went….well, it’s hard to work with CGI? They were fair enough, but no noteworthy performances. Although I could use some more John Malkovich. He always plays great villians. He has this unpredictable nature that really works in his villain. Although one of the best actors in the whole thing was the dragon. Can you believe how sophisticated our CGI is getting now? You can really believe the emotions this computer generated character is feeling.

One of the best parts of the movie is the theme within it. I think that has more to do with the writer of the book than the creators of the movie though. I love fantasy movies, because they are about the fight between good and evil. Not just in the sense I am talking about, but the good and evil within ourselves. The ability to overcome our fears and weaknesses with our strengthes. We are doing that on a daily basis. The only difference is that in our reality you can’t physically see it when it happens. For example when can see the blue bursts of light come from Eragon when he has strength, and we can see the shade burst into ashes when he destroys his fear. That theme came across really well in the movie.

I would pick up the book before I would the movie. Get wrapped up in this incredible story written by this fourteen year old. You won’t be disappointed.