Fantasy Emoticons – The Large Number of Kinds and Creatures

Are you a fantasy buff? Are you in love with everything fantasy? You probably have become a part of many forums where users talk about fantasy movies, books and graphic novels. Your chats usually cover ghosts, vampires, wizards, witches and their peers. And you are certainly going to get advantages from fantasy emoticons which depict such characters.

Legend-related emoticons which can be found across the Internet include things like zombies, mummies, a Dracula, any type of fantasy living being you can think of. There are the creatures in the realm of dark or scary fantasy, and then you also have logos derived from science fictions, as well as ones coming from romantic fantasy.

Dark Fantasy Emoticons
This group is the place to locate the ghosts, vampires and wizards. You can find also the skull, the zombie, the mummy and the werewolf. Black cats, trolls, witches (the good and the bad), gnomes, even a broomstick are also available in this sort of legend-related emoticons.

Science Fiction Fantasy Emoticons
Aliens are prominent in this group, as much as the related UFO and other manners of spaceship. Robots, droids and mutant individuals get their own emoticon representatives as well. There are also the more well-known characters from fantasy books, including superheroes, prominent characters from Final Fantasy as well as the Greek mythology.

Romantic Fantasy Emoticons
Several of these emoticons may overlap with the ones from the other groups but you certainly are going to agree if we place unicorns, dragons and ogres into the group of romantic legend-related emoticons. Fairies, wicked witches and genies are the ones people would say the indispensable elements of romantic tales. Other magical individuals are known to add themselves to a romantic tale, too, such as mermaids, knights and cupids. These are all well represented in the world of emoticons.

No matter the category, fantasy emoticons are quite a collection any fantasy fan should take a look at. Explore the Net, find secure free download emoticons webpages and add them to your accruement!