Liar Liar – A Comedic Fantasy Movie

In this movie, Jim Carrey plays a lawyer named Fletcher. Since he is so devoted to his career, his previous wife and son left him. On his son’s birthday, Fletcher promises that he will be there for the party. He even tells him to bring all his friends so they can all play catch together. That night is a different story. Fletcher’s partner in the law firm makes some moves and Fletcher forgets his son’s birthday. The same night, his son makes the wish that his father couldn’t tell a lie for one whole day and then blows out the candles.

The next morning, Fletcher finds that there is something going on with him. Once at work he is bombarded with questions about how people look. Fletcher goes into a panic when the truth comes flying out of his mouth each time. He locks himself in his office to collect himself. He finds a pen and tries to lie about the color of the pen but cannot. His hand begins writing what color it really is all over his body.

Once his partner figures out that he can’t lie, she brings him into a meeting and asks what he thinks of each and every person. At first, everyone is shocked, but it soon turns into a huge joke since he has been pretty funny in the past.

Fletcher is also on a divorce case and has court that day. He is having a very hard time in court since he cannot lie. He can’t even carry through with the things he said he would do the day before because they involve lying. Fletcher decides that he must go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Fletcher decides to beat himself up so that court will be delayed. Once he is brought back into the courtroom he is asked who beat him up and he describes himself. He is also asked if he can continue. He tells the truth and says that he can.

Can Fletcher win the case? Does Fletcher find out who wished this upon him? Watch and find out.