The Top 5 Best Epic Fantasy Series to Read

Must Read Epic Fantasy Series

Fantasy books are very popular these days. This is probably due to the release of some very high profile fantasy movies the past couple years, including Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter movies, and the Golden Compass. The most recent fantasy movie released (at time of writing) was Inkwell. With the proliferation of these fantasy movies, there is quite a bit of interest in the fantasy genre. More and more people are starting to read fantasy books. Perhaps the most popular fantasy genre is the epic fantasy genre – a genre invented by J.R.R. Tolkien. There is so much crap in the fantasy genre that it’s hard to sift out the rubbish from the jewels. Fortunately, you can read my guide to the Top 5 Best Epic Fantasy Books.

1. A Song of Ice and Fire by George Martin

This is absolutely one of the best fantasy sagas available today. This are immensely popular fantasy novels – and with good reason. The plot of the books is extremely unpredictable and the characters are richly portrayed. The theme of this book is Grey – the characters are completely Grey. With a good mix of action, politics, and (at least at the begging) a subtle hint of the supernatural hinting at a coming danger, these books draw you right into the marvelous world. If you are looking for some of the best fantasy books, you won’t go wrong at all if you pick these books up!

2. A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen by Stephen Erikson

This is epic fantasy that just doesn’t get any more epic, folks. It’s a story that follows in the epic tradition of the Greek classics with the sheer cast of characters, plots and subplots, and time frame. It’s a bit much to keep in your head at first, but if you persist with it, you are treated to an indelible world with some of the most well written and intense battle scenes every put to pen.

3. The Kingkiller Chronicle (Patrick Rothfuss)

This is absolutely one of the most remarkable fantasy debuts ever. No kidding. While you may have heard this platitude spouted on the cover of every fantasy book since Tolkien, believe this one. On the surface, it’s a story about a young boy who seeks to become the greatest magician in the world. Now, the premise may sound pretty cliche, but give the book a read and you’ll see it’s anything but. Read this fantasy novel, it’s one of the best fantasy books you will ever read, and a shinning example of what epic fantasy should be like.

4. The Farseer (Robin Hobb)

Now for those of you who love deep characterization, you will want to treat yourself to Robin Hobb’s take on the epic fantasy genre. In this series, character development is always paramount. But, the story, plot, and vivid, magical world just suck you right in. The series has been around for a few years, but it’s still a classic epic fantasy that should be read by every fantasy enthusiast. Forget all the David Eddings crap and go for this!

5. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

This is a pillar of the fantasy genre. WOT is right up there with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings as far as popularity goes. It’s that monstrous series that takes up an entire book shelve in the bookstores’ fantasy section. These days, there is lots of hubbub about where Jordan has gone with this series, but the fact remains that this fantasy saga has indelibly influence the fantasy genre as a whole. You should read this series. The story contains a compelling mix of politics, kingdoms, magic, and an epic story that cannot be squeezed (literally) into 13 volumes. Unfortunately, Jordan passed away recently, but another (talented) author is completing Jordan’s vision. Don’t let this sway you. If there is a modern fantasy series, then this is “the” fantasy saga to read.

These recommendations are some of the best epic fantasy sagas in the genre. It’s always hard to judge books; judging books is much like judging beauty – tastes and perceptions change from person to person. Whether you agree with these choices or not, these epic fantasy series have really changed the fantasy genre. If you haven’t read them, do yourself a favor and get reading – these fantasy books are sure to keep you entertained.

These are some of the top fantasy books in the fantasy genre. You may have different set of favorite fantasy books, but if you haven’t read them yet, you should pick these ones up and give them a read – chances are you will be adding at least a couple to your “favorite fantasy books” list.