The Best Movies 2010 Witnessed

The year 2010 showcased many great movies at the box office and there was competition amongst filmmakers aplenty. From the start of the year, there were good movies flowing. Some of the movies in 2010 created history while some still go on to amuse the audience even without its popularity. All genres impressed a lot and a couple of animated movies took the limelight and held the centre stage. This is a rare phenomenon where animated movies thrash all records. The movies “Toy Story 3” and “How To Train Your Dragon” reached top 3.

“Inception” topped all charts and is rated a solid 9 out of 10. It is an action cum fantasy movie and blows our minds out. Fiction reaches far out in the audience and people like to have zesty action sequences. The very controversial “The Social Network” comes next. It is said to be the real story of “Facebook” maker, Mark Zuckerberg. It turned out to be a breath taker and kept the audience to its seats.

Another famed movie was “Shutter Island” which comes under the horror genre. Leonardo DiCaprio starred in it and along with “Inception” his year had a perfect record. “Tangled” and “Kick-Ass” were the next to follow in the top ten list, being the best comedies of the year. The best part was, even though the former was a children’s movie, the adults loved it too. Number 8 was held by the seventh installment of the very famous Harry Potter Series. The movie is to have another part and this is the first part of the seventh book titled “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.

A special entry into the top ten was made by a fantasy, action cum comedy movie named “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World”. This was the surprise package. Last but not the least, a surprise thriller “Town” made it to the top-ten list. A spooky film, which makes a person believe the things happening in it to be true. Thus, 2010 turned out to a great year for films.